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Covid-19 – and the impacts on local health and well-being - VCSO feedback

Started: 19 June 2020 00:00 - Closed: 28 June 2020 23:59

Status: Closed

Status: Closed

Updated on 20 August 2020

We Asked

We commissioned some research to help us better understand the health implications of Covid-19 on our residents.

The research included desk-top reviews and interviews with NHS staff how the health of the population in Sunderland has been impacted due to COVID-19. An initial draft review was completed in June 2020 before being presented to local voluntary sector organisations for feedback.

The feedback received highlighted a need to add in insight into the impact on Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups. This has now been incorporated into this final report, alongside the key areas of mental health, safeguarding, and the treatment of pre-existing or newly acquired health conditions.

You Said

The final report provided key insights and ideas for initiatives or interventions that could help support mitigating the health impact of COVID-19 as part of the Better Heath engagement programme. The following three areas were identified as main themes which need to be supported and explored further:

  • Mental health
  • Safeguarding
  • Pre-existing or newly acquired health conditions

We Did

The research made several recommedations for involvement, including through tools and activities. These are currently being explored and a programme of work is being developed.

We recently commissioned some research to help us better understand the health implications of covid on our residents.

We would very much welcome your thoughts on this report, the issues we have identified and if you have any ideas or could support us carrying out involvement work with local people on these issues.

Please have a look at the report below before completing the survey. The report opens in a new window.